Feijoada, a traditional Brazilian Dish and its story

Rio de Janeiro’s famous festival, ‘Carnival’ is coming up, and if you’re thinking of heading down to have a taste of the party atmosphere, or even if you’re staying at home, simply having a bit of Brazilian food in honour of past journeys to the Southern Hemisphere, don’t forget to try Brazil’s national dish: feijoada.

Brigadeiro: A Brazilian Traditional Dessert

Lots of people like chocolate fudge and other sweet treats, particularly around this time of year, when everyone gears up for holiday baking of all kinds. But between the mint-flavoured fudge, gingerbread people and, of course, the ever-present fruitcake, you might try cooking up this delightful chocolate candy from Brazil: the brigadeiro.

Brazilian Breakfast: A Good Start to Your Day

Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course, such folks often hail from countries such as the United States, where a big meal was often eaten, especially in pre-Industrial Revolution times, by agriculture-heavy regions whose people performed the daily arduous chores of running farms and building and maintaining houses. That tradition continues, particularly in the Midwestern US, where bacon, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal and other heavy fare are still served, whether or not you are a farmer.