Good Music & Good Books: The Best Environment For Your Dinner

Are you looking for a cozy place to have lunch or dinner and are up for changing up your meal choices? Do you like a rustic environment that’s suitable not just for eating, but for chatting with friends, or perhaps having a meal solo with a good book in one hand and your fork or cup of coffee in the other?


picanhaWhen touring through Brazil, you can measure your travels in all the flavors of the delicious foods that you encounter. However, there’s no need to travel to experience the tastes and spices of Brazilian cuisine any more. Our restaurant is bringing the country’s most decadent dishes to you, and among the best, is our picanha. It can be argued that no food is more succulent and flavorful as Brazil’s famous picanha, or barbecue rump steak. Food, flavors, and festivities are staples of Brazilian culture, and no menu would be complete without adding picanha, a cut of beef that roasts up beautifully, soaks up juices, and is grilled to perfection. This meal is succulent, piping hot, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Moqueca de Peixe

moquecaMoqueca de Peixe is a dish that has been celebrated throughout the history of Brazil for hundreds of years, and with good reason.  This hearty and colorful fish stew uses fresh ingredients and zesty flavors while incorporating the delicious taste of palm oil, making this stew a staple Brazilian food.  This stew made with marinated seafood and vegetables is good for the body and the soul, as the ingredients pack high protein and the rich, hot-off-the-stove taste provides relaxation and comfort.