picanhaWhen touring through Brazil, you can measure your travels in all the flavors of the delicious foods that you encounter. However, there’s no need to travel to experience the tastes and spices of Brazilian cuisine any more. Our restaurant is bringing the country’s most decadent dishes to you, and among the best, is our picanha. It can be argued that no food is more succulent and flavorful as Brazil’s famous picanha, or barbecue rump steak. Food, flavors, and festivities are staples of Brazilian culture, and no menu would be complete without adding picanha, a cut of beef that roasts up beautifully, soaks up juices, and is grilled to perfection. This meal is succulent, piping hot, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Churrasco and Picanha

When someone thinks of ‘churrasco’ (a Brazilian style of cooking), they almost immediately think of picanha. In the 1800’s, European immigrants came to the Great Plains of Argentina. Raising cattle became their way of life, and the cowboys that worked the ranches became known as ‘gauchos’. These legendary mavericks were known by their leather clothes, cattle farms, and also by their superb grilling skills. Since there wasn’t a way to preserve food, they would slow-roast their cuts of meat immediately over a fire. The gauchos slow-cooked their beef, basting the picanha in its own juices. While this style of cooking may have originated centuries ago, the same style is used today by expert Brazilian chefs to create the tender, flavorful picanha enjoyed in Brazilian restaurants today.

Picanha is the most popular cut of meat in Brazil

Picanha is the most popular cut of meat in Brazil. This cut of meat is also called the ‘rump cap’ by American butchers. The picanha’s blanket of fat gives the meat its juiciness and excellent flavor, and it also makes the meat easier to grill just right. This meat is naturally tender as well, which only adds to its deliciousness. In traditional Brazilian cooking, the picanha is cooked on a spit over charcoals. It is sliced into thirds across ways and folded into itself with the fat facing outward. Other cuts of meat require marinades and sauces to coax out the flavor, but not picanha. It is already so flavorful, that all the meat needs is a little bit of rock salt, as table salt is too severe and may penetrate the picanha too much. When your picanha arrives at your table, it will already be seasoned and grilled to perfection. While you’re more than welcome to use the condiments available to you, you probably won’t even need them with this meal!

Going to a Brazilian steakhouse and ordering up a hearty, savory helping of picanha is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for Brazilian barbecue. Any steak connoisseur will be amazed by the tenderness and flavor of our picanha, as well as all the extras provided by our atmosphere, wait staff, and expert chefs. While there’s nothing like going to Brazil to enjoy its foods and culture, let us bring Brazil’s excitement, hospitality, and churrasco style of cooking straight to you. Be sure to order our picanha along with a refreshing caipirinha for the ultimate dining experience.