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Coxinha, what is it?

coxinhaThere is perhaps no Brazilian street food more delicious and well-known than the world-wide famous coxinha.  The coxinha is traditionally formed to resemble its main ingredient: chicken.  The golden, crunchy outside of the coxinha surrounds a layer of soft dough filled with moist shredded chicken, tomato, onions, parsley, scallions, and sometimes different cheeses.  The doughy pocket is closed off and deep-fried, creating a crispy, mouth-watering snack that can easily be eaten in three or four bites.  In Brazil, everyone has their own way of eating a coxinha.  Some people prefer to eat coxinha at breakfast.  For others, it is strictly a lunch or dinner snack.  Others won’t eat a coxinha without some red-hot pepper sauce on the side to dip each bite.

Pão de queijo

PãoPão de Queijo.  The words may not mean very much to someone who lives outside Brazil, but to natives of Brazil, the words may as well mean “heaven on a plate”.  This delicious cheese bread is a popular Brazilian breakfast food or snack that is widely sold at coffee shops, snack bars, and bakeries in Brazil.  Pão de Queijo (also called Chipá or Cuñapé) has a long history in Brazil and is one of the most common (and most decadent) accompaniments that you’ll find at restaurants in their country.  Luckily, Pão de Queijo has made its way into the surrounding continents of Europe and the United States and is becoming more and more readily available to hungry fans of Brazilian cooking.


picanhaWhen touring through Brazil, you can measure your travels in all the flavors of the delicious foods that you encounter. However, there’s no need to travel to experience the tastes and spices of Brazilian cuisine any more. Our restaurant is bringing the country’s most decadent dishes to you, and among the best, is our picanha. It can be argued that no food is more succulent and flavorful as Brazil’s famous picanha, or barbecue rump steak. Food, flavors, and festivities are staples of Brazilian culture, and no menu would be complete without adding picanha, a cut of beef that roasts up beautifully, soaks up juices, and is grilled to perfection. This meal is succulent, piping hot, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Moqueca de Peixe

moquecaMoqueca de Peixe is a dish that has been celebrated throughout the history of Brazil for hundreds of years, and with good reason.  This hearty and colorful fish stew uses fresh ingredients and zesty flavors while incorporating the delicious taste of palm oil, making this stew a staple Brazilian food.  This stew made with marinated seafood and vegetables is good for the body and the soul, as the ingredients pack high protein and the rich, hot-off-the-stove taste provides relaxation and comfort.

Acai Berry

acaiBerries are an excellent healthy supplement for your mind and your body. There are so many types of berries that are filled with antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. However, the acai (pronounced: ah-sigh-ee) berry is one of the healthiest that you can add to your diet. This superfood boasts pulp that has a combination of all sorts of vitamins and antioxidants that have quite an array of incredible medicinal properties. The acai berry can be eaten on its own, or it can be enjoyed in smoothies, shakes, yogurts, or any number of delicious varieties. There are a number of ways this berry can fit into any meal, and with all its health benefits, you almost can’t afford not to include this healthy fruit in your diet.

Brazil’s flag

BrazilWhat can inspire more patriotism for a country than to see its flag flying high, majestically billowing in the air against a cloudless blue sky? For Brazil, their flag’s colors, the stars and its elements, and its intricate design stands out both in the sky and in the memory of its countrymen. Brazilian history is brimming with strength and patriotism. At first, this country was independent as the Brazilian Empire. Then, Brazil changed to a republic in 1889, the same year that its flag was created.


caipirinhaBrazil is known for its delicious, hearty meals, World Cup championships, rich and diverse Brazilian culture, and of course, for its hot summer days and nights. Nothing can beat the heat and bring relaxation quite like a chilly Caipirinha cocktail. The caipirinha is one of Brazil’s best kept secrets for keeping cool and refreshed. Or at least, it used to be! This famous alcoholic drink has become available in many countries and is taking Europe and the United States by storm. This drink is made with lemon and cachaca, and it is the perfect accompaniment to any rich Brazilian dish. If you already know that Brazilian food makes your mouth water, then this is a drink you’ll love.

Bobo de Camarao

BoboLooking for a delicious and savoury Brazilian seafood dish? Look no further than Bobo de Camarao, a shrimp curry served up at Brazilian restaurants everywhere. This special dinner comes to us from Brazil and brings with it the juicy, succulent flavours that only Afro-Brazilian cuisine can. Using cassava to thicken the sauce, red palm oil for flavour, and shrimp as the main focus of the meal, this dish delights the senses and reminds one of a warm, summer night in Rio De Janeiro.

Feijoada – Brazil’s National Treasure

feijoadaFeijoada, a savoury black bean and meat stew, is the most delicious of Brazil’s national treasures. This famous Brazilian combination of beans and rice with pork pieces has been a served up in Brazil since before the 16th century. This delicious meal is made so often and with such enjoyment that it is widely accepted as Brazil’s national dish. This rice, beans, and pork dish is both a comfort food and a good, nutritious and filling meal whether you’re having a huge crowd to dinner or just an intimate night for two.